๐Ÿ“‘ Write a Review Now! ๐Ÿ“‘

2023-01-12 ~ 2099-12-31 (KST,PST+16)

    - Coupon and Rewards Points will be given within a maximum of 2 days after the review upload.
    - You can check the details for Coupon and Reward Points at My Account > My shopping.
    - USD5 review coupon is applicable on purchases over USD70. The coupon will expire within 14 days after issued.
    - USD5 review coupon will be issued once per order even if you write the reviews for all items of the order.
    - Reward Points are given for each reviews on item which the final price is over USD2. (1 reward point = USD1)
    โ€ป This event may be changed or ended according to OLIVE YOUNG Global Mall's circumstances.
    โ€ป Please note that this Purchase coupon cannot be used for K-POP category and 0.99deal items.
    โ€ป Purchase coupons can not be used together with other Purchase coupons or Promo codes in the same order.