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  • Terms and Conditions (Required)

    Article 1 (Objective)

    The objective of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Agreement”), in regards to registration and use of the online store (hereinafter “Olive Young Global Mall”) operated by CJ Olive Young Corporation. (hereinafter “Company”), is to stipulate the Company and customers’ rights, responsibilities, and terms and procedures concerning the customer’s user of services.

    Article 2 (Definitions)

    The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows. Terms used in this Agreement, with the exception of those defined in Article 1, are in accordance with standard commercial practice or relevant law.

    1. ① “Olive Young Global Mall” refers to a virtual business place created by means of telecommunication equipment or computer in order to enable users to transact goods or services (hereinafter “Goods, etc.”). It also refers to the business that operates the online store.
    2. ② “Services” refers to all online services and other various services provided by the Company on Olive Young Global Mall.
    3. ③ “User” refers to Registered Customers and guests who use the services provided by the Company in accordance to this Agreement.
    4. ④ “Registered Customer” refers to a person who has consented to this Agreement and is registered on Olive Young Global Mall in order to receive provided Services.
    5. ⑤ “Guest” refers to a person who uses Services provided by Olive Young Global Mall without registering.
    6. ⑥ “ID” refers to the email address provided by Users for usage of Services, and used by the Company for customer identification purposes.
    7. ⑦ “Password” refers to a combination of letters and numbers created by the User in order to verify identification and to protect the rights of the customer.
    8. ⑧ “Application (App)” refers to the programs provided and managed by the Company in order for Users to purchase goods and use services on Olive Young Global Mall.
    9. ⑨ “Reward Points” are a type of payment method provided to Users by the Company, and can be accumulated and used following the purchase of goods or services.

    Article 3 (Statement and Modification of Terms)

    1. ① The Company shall, for easier recognition by users, display the contents of this Agreement, store name, representative, address, business registration number, and contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) on the initial homepage of Olive Young Global Mall. Details of this Agreement may be provided in the form of a link to a separate page.
    2. ② Once a User completes the procedure for registration, the User shall be deemed to have consented to this Agreement, and the Agreement shall take effect upon registration.
    3. ③ The Company may modify this Agreement provided that the modification does not violate any relevant laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., Regulation of Adhesion Contract Act, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Act on Door-to-Door Sales, etc., and Framework Act on Consumers, etc.
    4. ④ Should any modification be made to this Agreement, the Company shall announce the effective date and the reasons of such modification for 7 days prior to the effective date on the initial page of Olive Young Global Mall, and inform Registered Customers via email. However, if the changes are disadvantageous to the Registered Customer, the announcement shall be made for 30 days prior to the effective date. In such a case, the Company shall display the contents of the modification in a clear manner to facilitate Registered Customers’ understanding of the modification.
    5. ⑤ The User shall be deemed to have consented to the modification if the user do not dispute within the dispute time period stated in the announcement and if the announcement states that any failure to dispute within the time period shall be construed as User’s agreement to such modification.
    6. ⑥ If the Company notifies Registered Customers of the contents of amendment via email to the email address registered by the Registered Customer, the Company shall be deemed to have properly notified.
    7. ⑦ Registered Customers who do not agree to the modified terms can request to terminate their account.

    Article 4 (Types of Services)

    1. ① The Company provides the following Services.
      1. 1. Information on goods and services, execution and implementation of purchase contracts
      2. 2. Opportunities for new product review and related activities
      3. 3. Opportunities for participation in various events
      4. 4. Emails on new products and company news
      5. 5. Other services as determined by the Company
    2. ② The contents of services provided can be modified if the Company deems it necessary for management, technical, or operation reasons.

    Article 4-2 (Olive Young Global Mall Membership Service)

    1. ① The Company may provide membership service of ‘Olive Young Global Mall Membership Service’. Details are governed by Olive Young Global Mall Membership Service Operation Policy.
    2. ② Olive Young Global Mall membership operation policy (including membership benefits) will be notified through the Olive Young Site Membership Menu and may be changed according to the company's circumstances.

    Article 5 (Provision and Withdrawal of Services)

    1. ① The Company shall provide Services for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless any business or technical problems arise.
    2. ② The Company may restrict usage time for certain Services or Registered Customers. In the event of such restriction, an announcement shall be made in advance.
    3. ③ The Company may temporarily suspend Services in the event of repair or inspection of telecommunications facilities, breakage in communication, or force majeure such as natural disasters.
    4. ④ Excluding force majeure such as natural disasters or national emergencies, the Company shall notify Registered Customers in the event of any suspension of Services. Should Services be suspended due to force majeure, customers shall be notified immediately after the relevant issue is resolved.
    5. ⑤ For any damages to the Registered Customer or a third party due to suspension of Services, with the exception of cases due to force majeure such as national emergencies, the Company is held liable. However, the Company shall not be held liable in the event that the Company provides evidence of no intention or negligence.
    6. ⑥ In the event that Services can no longer be provided due to reasons such as change in business item, abandonment of business, or company acquisition, the Company shall inform Registered Customers and compensate in accordance to the conditions stipulated by the Company. Should the Company does not publish its conditions or standards for compensation, Reward Points shall be returned to Users in the form of cash or merchandise equal in value.

    Article 6 (Establishment of Contract of Use)

    1. ① Users may apply to become a Registered Customer after entering customer information and consenting to this Agreement provided by the Company.
    2. ② By following the procedure for registration as determined by Olive Young Global Mall, and by clicking “Agree” upon reading this Agreement, the User acknowledges his or her consent to this Agreement.
    3. ③ Users that register according to Sections 1 and 2 of this Article may be suspended or restricted from Services in the following cases.
      1. 1. Registration is made with falsified, missing, or incorrect information.
      2. 2. Registration is made with the purpose of harming public order and morals.
      3. 3. User is obstructing the Company’s legitimate business operation.
      4. 4. 30 days have not passed since Registered Customer voluntarily closed his/her account.
      5. 5. The registering customer is under 16 years of age
      6. 6. The registering customer is a resident of an EU country.
      7. 7. Other reasons deemed appropriate by the Company
    4. ④ The contract of customer registration takes effect once the Company’s approval reaches the Registered Customer.
    5. ⑤ Any changes in customer information shall be immediately informed to the Company via methods such as the Edit Profile menu.

    Article 7 (Customer Duties)

    1. ① Registered Customers shall not participate in the following activities, which are considered harmful to public order and morals.
      1. 1. Using a stolen ID and password
      2. 2. Unauthorized usage, reproduction, distribution, or commercial exploitation of information obtained through Services provided by the Company
      3. 3. Infringement of intellectual property rights and/or other rights of a third party
      4. 4. Defamation or intentional activities that harm another person
      5. 5. Distribution of crime-instigating or obscene content for criminal purposes (and other activities harmful to social order)
      6. 6. Unauthorized distribution or advertisement of contents unrelated to Services provided by the Company
      7. 7. Hacking or spreading computer viruses to disrupt or harm information services provided by the Company
      8. 8. Other activities in violation of relevant laws
    2. ② Registered Customers are responsible for the management of their own ID and password, and are held liable for all consequences that occur as a result of user negligence.
    3. ③ In regards to use of Services, duplicate IDs are not permitted. If your ID is exposed to another person, change your password immediately and inform the Company.
    4. ④ Registered Customers are obliged to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

    Article 8 (Account Termination and Suspension)

    1. ① Registered Customers may request to terminate their account directly on the website or by means of phone, email, etc. Account termination takes effect immediately after the request is processed.
    2. ② The Company may restrict or suspend accounts without prior notification in the following circumstances:
      1. 1. ID or password theft
      2. 2. Registration made with falsified information in violation of the effective Agreement at the time of registration
      3. 3. Intentional spreading of a computer virus
      4. 4. Activities that threaten the order of electronic commerce, such as information theft or obstructing other users on Olive Young Global Mall
      5. 5. Activities on Olive Young Global Mall that harm public order, violate this Agreement, and/or violate relevant laws
      6. 6. Distribution of unconfirmed or untruthful information that damages the reputation and credibility of Olive Young Global Mall or obstructs its business
      7. 7. Obstructing business by repeatedly cancelling or returning Goods, etc. purchased on Olive Young Global Mall with no evident reason
      8. 8. Obstructing business by insulting, threatening, or sexually harassing a staff member of Olive Young Global Mall
      9. 9. Obstructing the transaction order of Olive Young Global Mall by making repeated purchases of Goods, etc. for resale purposes
      10. 10. Registrations that do not comply to this Agreement nor meet the requirements set by the Company
    3. ③ The Company may defer approval of a user’s registration request in circumstances under the following circumstances:
      1. 1. Shortage in facilities
      2. 2. Technical difficulties
      3. 3. Other reasons in which deferment is deemed inevitable
      4. 4. Violations of this Agreement
    4. ④ Once an account is restricted or suspended, in the event that the reason for restriction or suspension occurs more than twice or remains unresolved within a 30-day period, the Company reserves the right to terminate the relevant account.
    5. ⑤ In the event that the Company terminates an account, the account registration is cancelled, and the Registered Customer will be informed and given an opportunity to present a defense.
    6. ⑥ In the case of Clause 3, the Company may claim damages to the Registered Customer.

    Article 9 (Company Duties)

    1. ① The Company shall not partake in any activities that are prohibited by this Agreement or any relevant laws.
    2. ② The Company shall use its efforts to provide continuous and stabilized services.
    3. ③ Should a User’s opinion or complaint be deemed justified, the Company shall promptly process relevant requests without delay. However, if processing is impossible, the Company is obliged to inform the User of the reason and provide an expected resolution schedule.

    Article 10 (User Notification)

    The Company may provide Users with notifications via the email address provided by the User at the time of registration.

    Article 11 (Protection of Personal Information)

    1. ① The Company collects the minimum required amount of personal information through legal and fair means for purposes of establishing and implementing this Agreement. Should a Registered Customer close his/her account or withdraw consent to the Privacy Policy, the Company shall destroy the Registered Customer’s personal information without delay. However, following relevant laws or the User’s separate consent, the Company may retain some or all of the User’s information.
    2. ② To provide better services, the Company may request additional information regarding the User’s interests and purchases. In such case, the User’s consent shall be obtained in advance.
    3. ③ For more details on the Company’s personal information policies, please refer to the “Privacy Policy.”

    Article 12 (Provision of Information)

    The Company may, via email or other methods, provide Registered Customers with various information deemed important. Registered Customers can refuse to receive the Company’s emails at any time.

    Article 13 (Posting Deletion)

    The Company may delete a User’s posting or any of its services without prior notification in the following circumstances.

    1. ① The User is committing slander or defaming a third party.s
    2. ② The User is transmitting a large amount of information that destabilizes the operation of services.s
    3. ③ The User is spreading falsified information or advertisements against the recipient’s will.s
    4. ④ The User is harming public order and morals.s
    5. ⑤ The User is infringing the intellectual property rights or other rights of a third party.s
    6. ⑥ Other circumstances in violation of this Agreement or relevant laws

    Article 14 (Intellectual Property Rights)

    1. ① All intellectual property rights in regards to Services belong to the Company.
    2. ② Users may not, without prior permission from the Company, duplicate, transmit, publish, distribute, or broadcast information obtained during use of Services for commercial purposes, nor may they allow a third party to do so.
    3. ③ Product reviews and postings made by Users on Olive Young Global Mall may be duplicated, distributed, transmitted, or displayed on websites used by or in affiliation with the Company. Contents can be modified or edited so long as the original meaning remains intact.

    Article 15 (Establishment of Purchase Contract)

    1. ① Users who wish to make a purchase on Olive Young Global Mall may submit a request in the following (or similar) order. The Company is obliged to disclose the following information to Users in a manner that is easy to understand.
      1. 1. Search and select good(s) to purchase
      2. 2. Enter recipient’s name, address, phone number, email address (or mobile phone number), etc.
      3. 3. Confirm contents of Agreement, information on restricted services, liabilities for shipping fees, installation fees, etc.
      4. 4. Indicate your consent or refusal to this Agreement (e.g. via mouse click)
      5. 5. Agree to confirmations regarding purchase of Goods, etc.
      6. 6. Select payment method
      7. 7. Other procedures determined by the Company
    2. ② In the event that the Company provides or entrusts a User’s personal information to a third party, the Company is required to obtain the User’s consent. This consent is not implied in advance at the time of registration.
    3. ③ The Company reserves the right to decline a purchase request for reasons indicated in the following clauses. For minors who wish to establish contract without the consent of a legal guardian, the Company shall inform that User or legal guardian may terminate the contract.
      1. 1. The purchase request includes falsified, missing, or incorrect information.
      2. 2. Approving the request may result in significant technological obstructions to the Company.
    4. ④ The contract shall be binding once the notification of approval reaches the Registered Customer. The notification of approval must include the confirmation and sales availability of the relevant purchase request, as well as information on modification and cancellations to purchase request.

    Article 16 (Payment Method)

    Users can make payments for goods or services purchased at Olive Young Global Mall using the payment methods indicated in the following clauses. The Company may not, for any reason, charge additional fees in regards to a User’s payment.

    1. 1. Credit card payment
    2. 2. Payment with electronic currencies
    3. 3. Other electronic forms of payment

    Article 17 (User Notification and Modification/Cancellation of Order)

    1. ① The Company is obliged to provide a notification of confirmation in the event of a purchase request made by a User.
    2. ② Upon receiving notification, the User may immediately request to modify or cancel the purchase request in case of change of mind. For requests made before shipment, the Company is obliged to promptly process such requests without delay. In the event that payment has already been made, the terms regarding Right to Cancel shall take precedence.

    Article 18 (Provision of Goods, etc.)

    1. ① Unless specific terms are stipulated regarding the provision period of Goods, etc., the Company shall take appropriate measures such as customized production, packaging, etc., to ship the User’s item within 7 days of contract establishment. However, if the payment has already been made in full or in part, the Company shall take appropriate measures within 3 business days of payment. If a separate agreement exists between the Company and User, the relevant agreement shall take precedence. In such case, the Company is obliged to take measures to provide the User with information on provision procedures and progress.
    2. ② The Company shall disclose the shipping method for delivery of Goods purchased by Users, shipping cost responsibilities per method, and shipping time per method, etc. for purchases made by the User. In the event that the Company exceeds the agreed shipping time, the Company is held liable for damages incurred from the delay. However, the Company is not held liable in the event that the Company provides evidence of no intention or negligence.

    Article 19 (International Shipping Services)

    1. ① The Company provides international shipping services for goods with a sales contract through an international shipping network in which the Company has a business relationship.
    2. ② If the User wishes to change delivery information (delivery address and contact information, etc.), the User can change the information directly only if the order status is ‘Payment completed’. However, after the order status is ‘Preparing Shipment’, delivery information can only be changed through the CS center, and CS response may not be possible due to time difference. On the other hand, changes to delivery information may be restricted for certain payment methods.
    3. ③ Users who wish to receive the Company’s approval for a return request must provide objective evidence to prove the product defect or other acceptable reason for return. Once defects are proved, the Company will take responsibilityfor all shipping costs incurred in the relevant return and reshipment.
    4. ④ Customs duties and taxes that are levied by the destination country as a result of international shipping are the recipient’s responsibilities.
    5. ⑤ International shipments are processed at customs upon arrival in the destination country, and Users acknowledge that this may result in a delay in expected delivery date.
    6. ⑥ Once the reason for return is approved by the Company (once evidence of defect, etc. is submitted), the User must contact the international shipping customer service center, return the product though a local overseas shipping courier, and provide documentation to the Company proving the return shipping costs.
    7. ⑦ Should the shipment be refused by the recipient, the User is responsible for initial shipping fees, as well as all other costs incurred during return shipment. Such costs will be deducted from the refund.

    Article 20 (Refunds, Returns, Exchanges)

    Article 21 (Right to Terminate)

    Article 22 (Effects of Termination)

    Article 23 (Operation of Reward Points and Other Systems)

    Article 24 (Relationship Between “Mall” and “Linked Mall”)

    Article 25 (Damages)

    For any damages resulting from either party violating this Agreement or relevant laws, the party responsible is obliged to indemnify the damaged party.

    Article 26 (Exemption of Liability)

    Article 27 (Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction for Disputes)


    Article 1 (Effective Date)

    Terms & Conditions version No. : v2.0
    Implementation date of Terms & Conditions: April 29th, 2021

  • Collection and Use of Personal Information (Required)

    1. Personal Information Olive Young Collects
    Olive Young collects the following personal information. Also, Olive Young does not collect any sensitive personal information such as your race or ethnicity, religion and philosophical beliefs, country of origin, political opinions, criminal record, medical information, and sexual orientation.
    1) Required Information
    ① When you register at Olive Young Global
    Password, E-mail Address, Age Group, Name
    ② When you purchase an item at Olive Young online
    a. Shipping Information: Name, Contact No., Address, E-mail Address
    b. Payment Information
    - When you pay by credit card: IP Address, Payment Information such as Credit Card No.
    - When you pay via a payment gateway: IP Address, Payment Information such as Credit Card No.
    2) Information collected/generated during use of services or business processing
    ① Service Usage History (Usage Time and Purchase History of Items and Services)
    ② History of Payment/Account Suspension/Visits, IP Address, Cookies
    ③ Device Information (Type, OS Version Number, Model No.)
    *Device identification information is not collected.
    3) Retention/Processing Period
    ① Once the purpose of collection is fulfilled, your personal information is immediately disposed of by Olive Young. However, if longer retention is required by any applicable law or you agree to extended retention and processing period of your information, the data is securely stored and used only for the intended purposes.
    a. If longer retention and processing period are required by applicable laws (not limited to followings).
    - Record of Contracts and Subscription Withdrawal: 5 Years
    - Record of Payment and Provision of Goods: 5 Years
    - Record of Customer Complaint and Dispute Resolution: 3 Years
    - Date and Time of Visit: 3 Months (Excluding the date and time of your last visit to confirm the period of service)
    b. To minimize any loss or damages from repetitious account withdrawal and re-registration and to enable you to reactivate your account as required, your data will be destroyed immediately after your account is withdrawn.
    c. In compliance with Articles 29 and 16 of ‘the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.’, the personal information of an account with no log in activity for more than one year is transferred to a separate database storage.
    - Service Usage History: Accumulated and Redeemed Reward Points, Sign-In
    - You are notified of the estimated date and the relevant personal information 30 days before data transfer and separate storage.
    - The disabled account is reactivated when you resume the use of services, redeem and accumulate reward points, and sign in into Olive Young online.
    d. Valid commercial credit (such as reward points) is retained until it expires.

    2. Purpose of Collecting and Processing Personal Information
    Olive Young collects only basic personal information necessary to provide our services.
    1) Customer management
    ① To confirm your consent on registration
    ② To fulfill legal obligations, suspend Services To those who violate the terms and conditions and applicable laws, and restrict malicious use
    ③ To give notifications and To confirm communication channel To deal with customer Service
    ④ To confirm your request for Account registration and withdrawal, and To manage, maintain, fulfill, and settle contracts
    ⑤ To provide Services To registered customers
    2) Contract fulfilment and billing for your use of services
    ① To acquire accurate transaction information for billing and shipping
    ② To deal with your complaints on services
    ③ To operate the customer service center and enable you to redeem and accumulate reward points
    ④ To provide refunds and collect payment information for your purchases of goods or services
    3. Right to refuse consent and disadvantages
    You may disagree with our processing of your personal information. In this case, you cannot receive the referenced service.
  • Collection and Use of Personal Information (Optional)

    1. Purpose of the Collection and Use of Personal Information
    Content curation, Marketing
    2. Personal information to be collected
    Date of birth, Gender
    3. Period of retention and use of personal information
    If a customer deletes their account or edits their customer information, the corresponding information will be destroyed immediately. Users can still use the store’s services if they do not agree to the Collection and Use of Personal Information.
    Date of Birth

    Enter your birthdate to receive a free gift every year.
    (Service is available for 14 years of age or older.)

  • Agree to to receive current offers, new products and saving coupons (Optional)

    You can receive discount coupons, benefits, events, new arrivals, and other valuable information from the shopping mall.
    1. Personal Information Olive Young Collects and Methods of Collection
    1) When you agree to receive shopping or event information via E-mail Address: E-mail Address
    2) When you agree to receive shopping or event information via APP PUSH: PUSH token
    However, some information will be sent without your agreement such as order/payment status and policy related articles.
    You can join the membership without agreeing to the optional categories, and update your status anytime at Edit Profile page once you join the membership.